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The Story of


 My name is Asha Jordan. My given gift is drawing with Pencil, Conte Crayon, Charcoal, and Pastels. I also wanted to learn how to paint as well I was taught how to paint by a lot of well known Artist and Mentors through out my younger years Like; Hubert Massey and John E. Lockhart. I hope to create a safe space for young artist to dream and make their dreams into a reality. I have been perfecting my craft since I was 11 years old I took college courses when I got out of my middle and high school classes almost everyday also traveling to Detroit as I was apart of The Arts league of Michigan. I attended College for creative studies, WCC, and WCCCD. I've worked with some well renowned artist. A lot of people don't know I can do pretty much any Medium of Art I hope you all enjoy my creations!

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